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Hanged Man’s Bar and Restaurant


Located in charming Milltown, Co. Kildare

The Hanged Man’s Bar & Restaurant welcomes you to a realm of unparalleled ambiance and taste. Whether you’re looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion or simply desire an enjoyable evening or a memorable night out, we are here to make your experience truly extraordinary.

Don’t take our word for it, we have been proud to be have won some fantastic awards over the years.

The Black and White, Choice Old Scotch Whiskey, Pub of the Year Award winners in both 2002 and 2003 which were the last two years of competition. In 2015, judged by the Irish Times as one of the top ten pubs in Ireland, and in 2018 and 2019, The Hanged Man’s was thrilled to win the best food in Leinster in Irish Pub Awards. Our tradition of excellence continues.

History – Find out about our rich history that dates back to the early/mid-18th century
Our story – Find out about the care and love we put into every meal.
Best pint in Ireland – Find out about how we make the best pint in Ireland. 

Our history

Steeped in rich history, The Hanged Man’s building dates back to the early/mid-18th century and played an integral role in the development of the Grand Canal.

Initially, it served as a vital depot for the Canal Company, supporting the growth and progress of the waterway. Over the years, the building’s purpose transformed. It served as an RIC barracks and, later, it evolved into a cherished bar and grocery, becoming an essential part of the local community.

In more recent times, the Keane family took the reins, acquiring the premises in 1999, turning The Hanged Man’s into the beloved establishment it is today.
Keeping it in the family, Jeff Keane is the Head Chef and has a BA in Culinary Arts and a MA in Gastronomy.

The best way to see and understand the difference at the Hanged Mans is to come and enjoy what we have to offer. As we always say … ”it’s what we do….treat yourself” We pride ourselves on being an extraordinary bar and restaurant, where we deliver the finest service and an unforgettable culinary experience to all our esteemed guests.

Here at The Hanged Man’s we also have a great love for music, and we are proud to say some great music acts played in this building including Bagatelle and Freddie White. Join us on the last Saturday of every month for our resident band Hillbilly Porter. 

Our story

Our little place has been going since 1981. We are a close family here at the Hanged Man’s and make it our mission to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for all our customers – no matter what time of day.

At The Hanged Man’s, our philosophy centers around the essence of fresh ingredients. When possible, we strive to source locally, ensuring a dining experience that reflects the flavours of our community. We are dedicated to creating an inviting ambiance for all of those who take the time to dine with us.

Leading our kitchen is Jeff Keane, our esteemed Head Chef. With a BA in Culinary Arts and a MA in Gastronomy, Jeff brings a ton of knowledge to our menu. Together with his devoted and talented team, Jeff has crafted a diverse menu that honours the classic French cuisine, reflecting his background and training.

From the care and precision in our cooking to the artful presentation and service, attention to detail is key to our standards. We take pride in creating an atmosphere where you can savour the experience.
Whether you prefer a skillfully pulled pint of Guinness, a fantastic selection from our extensive wine collection, or simply finding a quiet corner to enjoy a delicious meal, we offer something truly special. So, come join us and treat yourself to an unforgettable moment.

Best pint in Ireland

Right beside The Hanged Man’s is the main feeding system to the Grand Canal, we are a pub with a unique connection to history.

Our location is supplied by the seven springs of Pollardstown Fen, each contributing to the natural splendor that surrounds us.

One particular spring holds a legendary tale – The St. James Gate Spring, believed to be the very source from which the iconic Guinness beer was once brewed. The Hanged Man’s stands the closest to this spring, making it a place of historical significance.

Our commitment to excellence and connection to the original water source makes us confident that we serve the finest pint in all of Ireland.

So, come join us at The Hanged Man’s, and cheers to an unforgettable experience!